Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do Not Look

It's not that the story wasn't right for the journal; it simply wasn't right for any of the upcoming issues the editor had in mind. Plus a few compliments: well written, interesting and original. Add an expectation of reading more work in the future with a casual first-name signature indicating that we are all good friends in the enterprise. The writer can feel pretty happy about this successful rejection, a sweet oxymoron. Got to love those Parisians:
Dear [first name of writer]: Thanks for your submission to Do Not Look at the Sun. I enjoyed reading your short story, 'Title', though unfortunately felt that it was not the right fit for any of the forthcoming issues that I have in mind. Thank you for the opportunity to read it; it is very well written and an interesting and original piece of fiction. I wish you well with submitting it elsewhere and I look forward to reading more submissions from you in the future. Kind regards, Anthony

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abominus said...

typewriters and Paris and cafes oh my. it's not cliche, it's ironic.