Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading Your No-Luck Future

I like the idea that editors are "reading art" when they read our work. It seems less insulting if they don't like the art that way. I'm not sure why. Probably only because I'm not a painter.
Thank you for the privilege of reading your art. We've considered it carefully, but I'm sorry to report we have decided not to accept it for publication. We do want to wish you luck in placing it elsewhere, and bode you success with all your writing endeavors. Best, Brad Felver, Fiction Editor, Mid-American Review
Speaking of futures, today is the day Secret Agent Man herds in the cats and we find out who is going to make a bid on my book proposal(s). It is a special day, but let's not forget what skittish cats these are. Will we have a deal or no deal? Book or no book? The future is not yet written, which is always kind of an exciting moment because that means the problems have not yet arrived. I can believe whatever I want to believe, which is that one of these felines is going to see the value in said proposed book.  But mice, you know how cats are, so cross yourselves for me and pray that the catnip is strong this seasons. (p.s. Remember Agent 99? Wonder how she's doing?)


Anonymous said...

"bode you success"?

spooth said...

Yeah, really, that's one helluva mistake. I did look it up to see if "bode" could be used as a present tense form in the sense of "bid" or "wish" and no dice. I suppose they could have said "bode your success" in the sense of predicting future publication, but then that's going out on limb. What if the writer just sucks, you know?

Still it's nothing compared to the rejection I got where they wrote "right" instead of "write" AND "hear" instead of "here." And this was a paying publication.

spooth said...

BTW, are you going to reveal the identity of Agent 99? If only to give your readers a heads up about a flake they should avoid.