Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not Sure What to Think

Something original-ish from Splotch. Send in your rejection letters and they will print the best 15 in their publication, Splotch, which seems to publish artists' work form a variety of medium. The publishers write the following about their cleverly named online journal:
The term splotch represents to us, creative enlightenment; that moment of inspiration each artist experiences that surpasses his or her normal thought pattern. It is an idea that must be produced and shared with others. This idea cannot be defined, outlined, or planned, but appears sporadically and unpredictably. A splotch comes in the form of imagery for visual artists, melody for musicians, and narrative for writers. The work displayed in our website may at first appear very different, but they share the same purpose. Whether it is on the web, on a gallery wall, or on the street, we are showcasing our splotches, our inspired thoughts.
All-righty then.

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