Friday, April 18, 2014

Tweet, Tweet, Yo.

This little blue bird of happiness is busting my butt. I am a twittering twit now. I am conquering the learning curve: RT-ing and MT-ing and #-ing up a storm. It's strangely addictive and falsely reassuring. Someone I know has a little kid, who when asked what facebook was, replied, "It's where you go on the computer and pretend you're famous." Right? When did it become so much about being famous? (Not to mention falsely so.) I don't know, but I did create a facebook page for my novel, and I invited all my friends and all my "friends." I already feel like my novel is getting overexposed among my friends, and we are all going to be sick of it in about 1 minute. The pub date is still 7 months away, so I guess I better get un-shy in a hurry.

Also did you know you cannot follow more than 2K tweeps?  I just found that out.

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ivanpope said...

So where is the Facebook page?