Thursday, June 4, 2015

@AWP Podcast of #Rejection Panel I Was On (I'm The #Bossy One)

Here's a podcast of the #AWP2015 Panel entitled "Rejection! Everything You Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask).  Have a listen. See what you think. You'll note that everybody is talking about how they reject and I'm trying to push through the bullshit. 


Native Ink said...

Too bad you weren't your old feisty self, calling them out for publishing mediocre stories by writers from big-name MFA programs or with a personal connection to the editors. I guess you have to play nice now that you have a book to promote. Understandable on some level, I guess, but still disappointing.

Writer, Rejected said...

Really? I thought I was the only one who sounded like I was alive and living in reality on this panel. Hmmm....maybe I've lost my edge?