Monday, January 7, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action: Rip Off?

I've decided that nearly all screenplay contests are rip-offs. I "won" one of these as a top-ten finalist once and nothing came of it. Have others had this experience? Anyway, certainly don't pay StoryPros a nominal fee to give you feedback. My understanding is that the feedback is also lame. Don't let others capitalize on your desperation. Save your money.

StoryPros 2007/2008 Awards Contest is now accepting entries! Over $10,000 in CASH & PRIZES plus invaluable promotion to over 3,000 entertainment professionals! The Awards Contest is a genre competition where screenplays compete in 5 separate categories: Drama, Comedy, Action/Adventure/Thriller, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, and Family/Animation/Teen. Cash and/or prizes will be given out to the 1st-3rd place winners in each category and a Grand Prize winner will be chosen as the best script out of all entries. 16 winners total! Low entry fees! 2-3 pages of professional level feedback, development notes, and suggestions for improvement are also available as an option for a nominal fee. About Us: StoryPros is a screenwriting resource site and analysis service owned and operated by award winning screenwriters and professional studio readers.

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Alexandra Erin said...

Um, this "contest" honestly sounds quite a bit like the "poetry contests" where everybody who enters is magically good enough to be put in a select special edition actual bound book which they then have the option of paying exorbitant amounts of money to buy... it's a variation on the same basic scam "art school" scam where you're supposed to draw a horse so you can be told that you're so talented, all you need is some professional lessons.

The fact that there's an entry fee and the option of paying for feedback should be big red flags.

Does StoryPros do anything aside from run these contests?