Saturday, January 5, 2008

Love Stories No More

SQ is hot to collect your next entry fee for yet another contest. Sometimes when a magazine runs contest after contest it just feels kind of slutty. I don't think I'm going to send my love stories to them. In fact, I just want to be friends with SQ. I mean, I'd say "hi" if we bump into each other on the street, and perhaps I'd read SQ on the stand at the Barnes & Noble if I had some time to kill between appointments. But that's probably as far as I'd go. Here's the new announcement I got in my email yesterday:

announces the SQ Love Story Contest
Open to fiction and nonfiction entries,
the contest offers
a First Prize of $2,500, a Second Prize of $1,500, a Third Prize of $750,
and ten Finalists each will receive $100.
Deadline for entries: March 31, 2008.
For complete details, please
click here.

What about you? Should we all break up with SQ together?


Anonymous said...

Yes.. verrrrrrry cautious to submit to magazines that collect entry fees, but contain stories by famous writers. You just *know* they didn't pay to get in. Why should I?

How popular is it outside of the writer world, anyway?

Also - private editing service available for writers. How much does it cost? How does it compare to other services of this nature? Any conflict of interest?

alex said...

Per the above comment: Does SQ have a private eding service? Be wary -- wery, wery wary. Those things are notoriously exploitative. If all that's wrong with your writing is just a little editing -- well, you don't need to pay a pay a private editor. And if your writing is so bad that you DO have to pay a private editor, you're too far gone for them to help you.

Anonymous said...

Look at these guidelines

How is SQ different from Narrative (guidelines above)? They accept mulitple submissions, $10 each. Current issue features work by Jim Harrison, Ted Kooser, Abby Frucht..... did the famous folks part with a Hamilton to get in, or are there mulitple tiers here for the famous?

The Quoibler said...

W,R: Hey.
SQ: [quietly] Hey.
[awkward pause]
W,R: So... I mean... how are you?
SQ: Good, really...
W,R: (overlapping) That's good.
SQ: ... good.
[long pause]
W,R: You know, it just wasn't... (trails off)
SQ: Don't say it.
W,R: But I mean... we...
SQ: Just... it hurts, okay?
W,R: I'm... I... We're not right, you know?
SQ: [quietly] I guess.
W,R: But I'll never forget you...
SQ: I'll never forget you, either...
W,R: I've gotta go...
SQ: Yeah, me too.
W,R: You take care of you...
SQ: Yeah...
[both exit]