Sunday, January 13, 2008

MediaBistro Stumps Video of Publishing Insiders

Have you ever wondered what agents Gail Hochman and Henry Dunow look like? Editors Dan Menaker and Sam Tanenhaus? Then you should hop over to MediaBistro's preview of a silly little panel discussion entitled "The Secrets Behind Book Publishing." The entire video is for sale for $20 ON DEMAND, but you can get as much as you need by viewing the free preview. It's kind of fun, so check it out by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Dawn Davis was part of the event, nice to see the industry is so ethnically diverse. These agents and editors are probably interested in all kinds of diverse ideas from writers, too.

Anonymous said...

I thought Henry Dunow was a sort of frumpy, chubby, charming looking guy. Turns out, he has tiny beard and by the looks of it, a gold chain!!! How wrong could I get!!