Friday, January 25, 2008

New Millennium Hypergraphia II

Heeee's baaaack.

Favorite paragraph: "In answer to frequently asked questions... I regret that I don't know the name of the piece you entered. Those works were long ago recycled and due to the high volume of submissions, we just don't have time to record titles of the manuscripts we receive. I hope your records are of some help in that regard. (Honestly, how many contests bother to let you know how you did). Your good showing does not disqualify you from entering this or any other contest of your choosing as often as you like. You may re-enter your work or any other work unless it's been previously published in a book or magazine with over 5,000 circulation. Because of our daunting workload, we no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts for publication outside the contest."

So, you really do have to pay to get published. Need I say more?

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