Thursday, March 27, 2008

Never Going to Happen

Do you have to be famous to get into Georgia?  Just wondering.


bookfraud said...

no, you don't have to be famous. my brother, who went to grad school at uga in english, suggested to get into the georgia review one should submit "ag fiction:"

papa planted spring beans in november. we dug our fingers into the dirt and hoped for a better crop. mama said we done did it this time. she carried the milk from the barn and prayed to jesus.

best read aloud, with a southern accent like sludge, at 1 mile per hour.

i presume you don't write ag fiction, do you?

Anonymous said...

I got in big trouble there once for simultaneously submitting and then withdrawing my elsewhere published thing. They "might have" accpeted it, they said, but I blew my chances with them for basically infinity. Oooh, shame on me! Shame on me for not wanting to sit by my freaking mailbox for three months until it came back.

Anonymous said...

you got a real purdy mouth

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a magazine's perogrative to demand exclusives. I'm cool with that. But to do that and then say it'll take 3-6 months to get back to you? Sorry, f-u. If you're "understaffed" or "nonprofit" or "drowning in submissions," well, then who are you to demand that writers submit exclusively? It works both ways. These college mags don't want to play nice.

Also. I don't submit to GR becuase I get the impression they don't care about the slush pile. In their guidelines now they say that they take what, less than one half of one percent? Seems like you'd have a better chance coming out the big man from the casino.

Anonymous said...

Oops, prerogative

Anonymous said...

Bookfraud, do they still print that kind of "ag fiction"?

I'm not surprised if they do. Because it's so out of touch: real farmers haven't spoken like that in like 75 years. But who wants a realistic story about farmers in the Middle West? It would offend them. Whereas these cartoon characters are sufficiently stupid (and stepped upon by big business) so they can pretend to feel sorry for them (while secretly feeling superior).

It's all a game. I'm not playing.