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Friday, March 14, 2008

Blog Tips on Rejection

Many bloggers appear to be attempting to deal with literary rejection by blogging on the subject. Here are a few noteworthy examples:
  • Lyrbrandon's weblog runs an article entitled "Tips for Dealing with Rejection from a Writer Who Knows" by Roy A. Barnes (Highlight: "During a five-week stretch in 2005, I pegged 26 rejections, including seven in one 24-hour span. In that same time frame, I garnered only one acceptance. My mentor of seven years characterized this experience as a rejection tsunami.")

  • Blogging in Black posts a piece called "5 Tips for Dealing with Rejection" by Tee C. Royal

  • Karma's blog offers a Rejection Bites series. (Highlight: "Contrary to popular belief, the purpose [of rejection] is not necessarily to sift the good writers from the bad. No, no, no. Plenty of good writers are rejected every single day! Rejection does serve to sift the persistent writers from the timid.")


Anonymous said...

"rejection does serve to sift the persistent writers from the timid."

i admit, that comment resulted in shafts of steam blasting out of my ears. granted, it's taken out of context, and, granted, i haven't had coffee this morning, and, granted, i'm generally a misanthropic ass.

but what the hell does it mean? that people who just blast their stories to 1,000 journals or agents are the "worthy" ones? that schmoozy relationships between writers, agents, lit mag editors, and publishers factor none in the decision of to publish something or not?

i know, i know -- you have to be persistent in this business.
and if you're terrified of rejection, you'll never succeed. but that doesn't mean a "timid" writer is somehow less deserving than an outgoing one, especially an outgoing one who is buddies with the lit mag editor. which happens once in a while.


Anonymous said...

now I see it..