Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Miscellany Rejection Comments

Here are some recent notable LROD reader views:

  • Our friend Puc points out this blog, which displays the nice rejection collage above.
  • Matt Bell came around the other day to assure us that book reviews will never die. He says this: "Luckily, between the blogs and the dedicated book review sites--such as The Short Review, and Rain Taxi, and NewPages (where, full disclosure, I'm the book review editor)--there are plenty of places to get your book reviews, especially those of independent or small press books. Also, I presume the LA Times will continue their excellent coverage online, both at the main books site and their own excellent blog (for proof of how good it is, check out their recent coverage of Denis Johnson's serial novel in Playboy). Their print space may be diminished, but I expect their work to continue online, which is where most of us read the LATBR anyway. Book reviews are far from dead, and online reviews are capable of eventually reaching a larger and larger audience, so beyond my sympathy for those who have lost their jobs to these shrinking sections, I don't see an overwhelming cause for concern or alarm."
  • And on the post where I figured out about LROD being trolled, someone trolled me with this comment: "Frankly, LROD. You were the last to know. You didn't just lose your troll readers."  Which, I must admit, made me laugh.

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