Friday, August 15, 2008

One Month to First Meeting of LROD BOOK CLUB

Don't miss out on this historic online event:*
September 15, 2008
LROD's first-ever BOOK CLUB
We will be discussing More Than It Hurts You by Darin Strauss

You have exactly one month to prepare.  I read my version on the beach.

Tip: Stick with the book over the bumpy beginning; it gets good later on.  It's definitely full-dress fiction, folks, so go on and force your way in, wearing a tux if you dare.

*Not really, but it sounded good.


John said...

Darin was going to send me a copy of More Than It Hurts You, but he sent me a copy of his first novel, Chang and Eng, instead. I did an extended review on my blog, which begins here.

On the whole, he talks a good game, but he really can't write worth a darn.

Anonymous said...


red some of yer ficcione. not shure u shood kast aspurshuns. u got some nice degrease on yer wall, howevers.

John said...

You sound qualified to judge.

Anonymous said...

it's all about qualifications

No One You'd Care to Meet in a Dark Alley said...

John: I followed your postings on Darin and couldn't help but wonder...what's your problem? It was so petty, weirdly obsessive, slightly paranoid (checking IP numbers, etc.), and, well, unsettlingly personal. And, no, I'm not Darin. I'm just someone who thinks you're exposing way too much of yourself, not unlike, say, a flasher. And I would agree with anonymous: Your fiction,'s not very good. Which, of course, made the postings on Darin all the stranger.

jumbo shrimp said...

Here's what I notice: people who can really write something worth reading...they don't have time to tear other people down.

no one you'd care to meet in a dark alley said...

I agree with Jumbo Shrimp 100%.

no one you'd care to meet in a dark alley said...

One more thing to John Bruce: What was up with repeatedly calling Darin "our boy"? I wouldn't be surprised if you woke up to a horse's head in your bed one morning. I mean, really. Do people spend a week ripping you a new one on their blog, all the while calling you "our boy John Bruce"? Word of advice: People don't like that shit.