Friday, August 8, 2008

Sherman Young Beach Reading (The Anti-Book)

I know I'm supposed to be on vacay, but I wanted to share this article raising some of the subject matter in Sherman Young's The Book is Dead (Long Live the Book).   


"Sherman Young, the Australian academic who wrote The Book is Dead, is mourning the book for other reasons. He argues that the seemingly crowded literary marketplace is mostly jammed with what he calls “functional books” and “anti-books” – not real books. Real books are well and lovingly crafted, emotionally and intellectually resonant. They are the work of people who think and care – authors, editors and publishers – people passionate about both words and ideas. This sort of literary endeavor is dying, the author argues."

Perhaps we've finally found our guru, people.  His argument is our argument.

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Minnie Mouse said...

Hear hear, Sherman Young. The bottom line is money, and "functional books" and "anti-books" are good descriptors. Another term, mine, is "disposable books." It's these types of books which the suits think will make them money. "Functional books" are the literary equivalent of Big Macs and fries. Billions and billions sold, nothing but empty calories.