Friday, August 1, 2008

A Shift Toward "Dynamic Publishing" & Away from Human Errors (?)

Here are some interesting publishing news tidbits from the week:
  • AuthorHouse Publishing announces a 26% increase in contracts for the first two quarters of 2008 compared to last year.  The self-publishing group claims that sales were bolstered by its online e-commerce portal.  At least somebody is profiting.  Even the best advertising efforts of this publishing house (with its google ad cleverly entitled "Don't Use Authorhouse") can't stop AuthorHouse.
  • According to MarketWatch, we should be referring to the traditional book business as Static Publishing and business with digitized books as Dynamic Publishing.  (Where would you rather be?) Read a market research report on the matter here
  • MediaWeek announces that Time Inc (after having closed down Life and Business 2.0 publications) has decided to transform (rather than shut down) Fortune Small Business as a customized publishing title, distributed free to 1 million small business holders.  Unfortunately, 17 employees will get the ax, including 23-year vet editor Dan Goodgame. I guess that's just the way the magazine crumbles.
  • And last, but not least, if you're gay or lesbian, you can find your own self-publishing site here at
  • And Finally....Tom Bullough, was announced as the winner for the Wales Book of the Year 2008 Award. But when he arrived at the podium to accept, he was told that the announcer (Assembly heritage minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas) had made a mistake. He didn't really win and had to go and sit back down while the winner (poet Dannie Abse) accepted the award. Luckily, this humiliation has been nothing but good for the sales of his book. You can watch the terrible moment on video here.


beth coyote said...

OMG-makes my little private humiliations so...minor.

Jen said...

That was painful to watch.