Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Rhodes Lead to Rejection

Anonymous has come to my rescue riding in on an unusual form rejection letter received in 2005 from Jodie Rhodes.  The justification: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Now that's what I call disclosure!  What do you guys think?

In part, I sympathize with Ms. Rhodes because I have slept in wrists braces for years. Everyone in my family has Carpal Tunnel, and everyone has undergone surgery, but recently I started doing these exercises to align the body, improve range of motion, and strengthen the shoulder, thigh, abdominal and calf muscles, while lengthening the back and hip flexor muscles.  All of it is supposed cure chronic aches and pains, including wrist pain from insane 24-hour computer use, which aptly describes my life.  And guess what?  It pretty much worked. I'm almost cured. 

 So, I'm not going to bust Jodie Rhodes' chops, even though she once rejected me.

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Anonymous said...

All roads do lead to rejection, unless you are an insider with connections.

I just found this on another lit publishing blog:

"... I was lucky enough to read for a journal as an undergrad. Ultimately, though -- and I think I've vented elsewhere, so I'll keep this short -- it was a just a big waste of time. The teachers / editors went with their friends first, then the rare 'name' authors who came along (never through regular submission, always tailing some circle jerk like AWP). And it's not like we could blame market forces, either. Even the name guys didn't move units. The journal was just this feeble little tool for careerists. I felt very sorry for the good work we rejected."