Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hostess Gift That Sucks Your Blood

Michelle Obama reportedly brought a hostess gift to coffee at the White House on Tuesday: a journal and pen for Laura Bush, who sold her memoir to Scribner for $1.6 million.   (First Lady Hillary got $8 million). As surely has been pointed out by others, perhaps the bargain rate for Bush was due to her life being scooped  by the Curtis Sittenfeld's novel, American Wife

Anyway, it was a lovely gesture...or, for those in the know, a sarcastic dig, as in "Good luck, sucker; it's not as easy as it looks."  Though I suppose it's an entirely different thing to "write" a memoir than it is to actually write a memoir.  

So let's go with choice (a) Mrs. Obama is a gracious lady.  

She could have even wrapped the present up with Aretha's hat on top!  Don't you love that fabulous hat?  


The Rejection Queen said...

No I do not :)

Anonymous said...

aretha franklin is a notoriously bad tipper. i'm sure that hideous hat cost as much money as she saved over the years by not tipping her servers.