Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...of Rejection

You think I'm a sick puppy for posting all my rejections on this blog?  Check out this dude, Stephen Hines.  He sleeps in a bedroom with a huge wall of rejection posted above his fragile sleeping head.  Also, when you move our cursor across his blog, little cartoon flames shoot up all over the place.  Man, I think I'm in love.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I can't wait to see all the playah hatahs on this blog try to tear this dude down for doing this, when actually it's kind of cool.

This blog rulez! Keep up the good work, W,R! And good luck with your novel! (Can you tell us what it's about, or is that giving away too much personal info?)

rmellis said...

You know, those who follow "The Secret" would say he's attracting rejection from the universe this way. (I'm not one of them, incidentally.) They would advocate instead a Success Wall, covered with pictures of fame, fortune, dollar bills, book contracts, perhaps a Time magazine cover with his face photoshopped on it.

Anonymous said...

on the far right he has a full color rejection letter. fancy-do! maybe that one is a top tier rejection and "not [their] customary rejection"

Anonymous said...

I'm with Riann -- I need a success wall to go right next to the bulletin board where I tack up my flood of rejections, if only to keep away the universe's inclination to heap rejection on my head. My success wall would include certificates of participation in mandatory work seminars, my pay stub (right now, the fact that I have a job at all is making me feel pretty good), wine labels from evenings when I managed to forget my rejections, and the rejection I got one time from somebody at a journal who said my story was pretty good I'd cut out the part where he said it wasn't "tight enough").

Stephen Hines said...

Wow! My wall of rejection is famous! Hahahaha!

To be honest, I recently took the Wall of Shame down. Between my wife yelling at me for it and a coworker (who has a psych degree) chewing me out about it, I decided to yank 'em all down. The beautiful part: as the letters floated down to my mattress, my cat-daughter Padme bit almost every single rejection.

By the way, did I e-mail a link to my site or did you stumble upon it?

And, since you might be in love with me, please tell me that you're a hot babe and not a hairy dude!


Writer, Rejected said...

I am both, of course.