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Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Are Not Diane Keaton

Remember when publishing was all about the bidding wars? Ah, those were the pre-memoir-crazy days when money abounded and agents who went out on drug binges didn't get 6 figures to get sober and write about it.

Well, not so fast, buster! 

HarperCollins (recently sans Collins), Ecco, and Little Brown found themselves the losers of a bidding war to Random House, who scored Diane Keaton's memoir for a cold $2 mill.  

The book was agented by Bill Clegg of William Morris Agency.


Anonymous said...

To her credit, she is writing it herself.

rmellis said...

Hm, seems to me that celebrity memoirs are the kind of thing that people give up in a recession.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clegg is a sweetheart, by the way, really encouraging and full of great suggestions

Writer, Rejected said...

It's good to hear nice things about agents once in a while. I don't know him at all, but I'm glad to know that he is helpful, and I really can't begrudge the man his hard-earned advance. After all, no matter what he has to write the book. That makes him one of us...but with much better contacts!

Bobbi Jo Hart said...

I just enjoyed Diane Keaton's presentation tonight in Montreal, and not only is she brilliant, witty and beautiful, her transparency was refreshing. I hope to write a screenplay for her to star in, and will definitely be one of the first to read her memoire. Diane, may your children grow up proud and strong like you and your mother... CLICK!

Anonymous said...

It should be an interesting read;
I have read some of her comments on things and liked them,but did
not figure writung about herself was something she would do. The other books about her were done
with much persuasion needed and
didn't really get the essence of what Diane herself was about. I think she has become a really interesting person and am looking forward to reading it.