Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flipping Rewarding

It's a little bit of a flashback in time to declare the Death of Publishing from this headliner at Galley Cat.  However, this quotation from the piece is still quite apt, and so worth repeating: "Publishing is a business whose key players try to take advantage of each other," this [Publishing industry] insider claims. "Agents try to take advantage of publishers, publishers try to take advantage of authors, and booksellers try to take advantage of readers by offering them overpriced merchandise, or books that are nothing more than marketing slogans... For many many years publishing has been about egos, advances, slights, agents and hurtful gossip—instead of books... I am so frustrated right now that I think flipping burgers would be more rewarding."


so much cake so little time said...

haha...if she still feels that way, she's welcome to come to work with me for a week! then let's see how awful publishing seems. but the real question--how did someone with an utter lack of subtlety and nuance get ahead in the publishing industry in the first place?

Anonymous said...

why do those burgers have ketchup on them? i didn't ask for it.

Anonymous said...

If there is anywhere were people dont' take advantage of each other or sell crap and call it cold, its the corporate fast food world. Yep.