Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here is a twist on the old rejection. The author Stephen King will not be participating in in the 2009 Pep Talk for Nationa Novel Writing Month.  He filled out the NaNoWriMo form (click image above to enlarge), which NaNo supplied. The fact that he went for an easy "No thanks," is really their own fault for making it an option.  Here's what the NaNo's say about it:  "[King] may have said 'no' to our request for pep, but we believe that Stephen King himself touched this piece of paper. It now hangs directly between the "Things To Think About" and "Things That Rock Our World" sections of our office bulletin board. While it does not rock our world that he declined to contribute his wisdom and encouragement to NaNoWriMo 2009, it distinctly does rock to have something—anything—that has touched the hand of Stephen King." I have to agree that sometimes it is at least more interesting to be rejected by someone famous.

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Speaking of famous rejecters, WR did you do Indiana Review 1/2K this year?