Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Book About...Nothing

So, how do you suppose Melanie Gideon, the Jerry Seinfeld of memoirs, here, got Jordin Pavlin at Knopf, who will not give most writers the time of day, to publish her book?  "Dear Ms. Pavlin:  I'm sending you my book, which is about ennui $150.00 hair cuts, and a happy marriage.  It's called The Slippery Year: A Meditation in Happily Ever After."  Not only did Pavlin take the book, but she helped restructure it into something viable. And they call things quiet these days to discourage publication. I don't get it. Or maybe I'm just jealous (of Gideon's magically happy life and bubbly sense of humor about it), which is not very generous, is it?  The reality is: some of us get shit (abuse in childhood, disinheritance in adulthood, inability to get published) and some of us are Melanie Gideon.


Susan M said...

I was wondering some of these same things. Including, How did she get that fabulous coverage in the NY Times? Thanks for mentioning this.

slipperyy ear said...

Someone who writes a memoir about a boring happy life might be depressed and lonely. When you are happy in life, it doesn't weigh on your mind so heavily that you have to write a whole book about it.

Who knows what really goes on in people's personal lives. Her husband could be cheating on her, her uterus could be falling never know.

That reminds me of that stupid book for husband hunters The Rules, one of the authors got divorced.

rmellis said...

Happy is the new Depressed, apparently. Take a look at all the books with Happy or Happiness in the title. Actually, I should blog about it.

LROD, insert "Happy" into your title, right now!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Well you know, she had so much success with that Bible of hers, there was no way New York would pass this one up.

pwlsax said...

Someone went to school with someone. That gets a lot of people a lot of places.