Monday, August 17, 2009

The Rejection Code

Author Brian Falkner wrote this funny rejection and presented it at a bookrapt seminar talk entitled "Birth of a Novel--Rejection -- Redemption -- and the Road to The Long White Cloud" in 2007. Writes Bookrapt: "Brian's first attempt at becoming a published writer was with a children's book. It was rejected.His second attempt was a psychological thriller. It was rejected. His third attempt was a short story. It was rejected. His fourth attempt was a play. It was rejected. His fifth attempt was a screenplay for Shortland Street. It was rejected (before it was even written). His sixth attempt was a romance novel. It was rejected. His seventh attempt was a screenplay for the NZ Film Commission. It was rejected. His eighth attempt was a screenplay for a James Bond movie. It was rejected. And he was threatened with legal action for using the James Bond character. His ninth attempt was a novel for young adults. Scholastic rejected it. Harper Collins rejected it with a full page letter telling him how appalling they thought it was. Mallinson Rendel LOVED IT!!!"

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