Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Almost-Brush (Anonymously) With A Friend of Ours

Here's something funny:  I was asked to participate in a reading recently, and who was on the reading roster? None other than the famous GAK-award winner and LROD gentleman, Jacob M. Appel.  Unfortch, I can't make the reading due to funky timing, but isn't that a hoot?  Can you imagine my standing near him, reading my story after he read his story? He wouldn't even know that I am who I am!  Well, maybe next time, Mr. A.


Anonymous said...

well, with that little admission, it should be easy for him to narrow down the list of identities. just call up the organizers and ask who else was invited but declined.

Writer, Rejected said...

Nah...he's not that interested. He doesn't even read this blog, though there's an entire label dedicated to him, and he's won a GAK! Anyway, he reads at many venues for many different peeps during a single month. So, I think I'm safe.

Anonymous said...

if yer gettin them kinda invites publication be just around da corner