Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now You're Just Yanking My Chain

A reader sent this beauty in, saying it was a rejection sent out by science fiction writer David Gerrold for an anthology he edited long ago.   Apparently, Gerrold is best known for writing a favorite Star Trek episode from the original series.  Click to enlarge for easier reading. It will give you a giggle.


Anonymous said...

What if his adult son was deciding on whether to become a tax collector, brain surgeon, Neo-Nazi sex fiend, or a writer--and the only way to convince him not to become a writer was to publish this atrocity?

Pam Hogeweide said...

I just got two rejections this morning. Ugh. One for an article I poured my heart, time and energy into, and one for a book proposal that everyone says "shows promise" but says No.

I googled writer rejection and found you.

A little tavern of other rejected writers who together we can at least compare scars and badges.

I started a rejection file a couple of years ago which at the time seemed so Writerly of me.

But now I wonder why I subject myself to this kind of torture over and over again. It's a kind of insanity, a compulsive disorder that insists on attempting the impossible over and over again.

I am sorely tempted to retreat from the writing stage and go back to writing quietly in the hidden shadows of my private journal.

Eff Word.


Thanks for this little rant oasis in the sea of the blogsophere.

I'm adding you to my google reader.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go lie down on a bed of hot coals which should be a breeze after the morning I've had with editors and their No's.

Another Eff Word.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not even reading this blog to hear about hilarious/painful/annoying rejections anymore; I just want to hear about whether WR has an agent yet.

Come on, we want to hear more about YOU.

Writer, Rejected said...

I'm waiting to hear. That's my update. Not very exciting.