Thursday, November 19, 2009

There is No "Truth" in This Title

Stay tuned for 592 pages of a memoir written by the chubby little devil himself and entitled "Courage and Consequences" (not "Truth or..." because everyone knows you can get off scott-free for lying. The book cost publishers about $3 million, and the evil little chubster has reportedly asked for an extension already. (Helping to ruin a country may be easy, but writing a book? A whole 'nother story, as they say.) For a while everyone thought the evil little chumbmeister was a diabolical genius, but now that seems like overstatement, doesn't it? Similarly, Alan Greenspan, whose deal for $7 million yielded The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World. with his gigantic face on the cover. And yet, oh, how hard our false gods of power and money fall! He sure had himself some adventures, eh? Whoa, capitalist cowboy Question: What unethical, ill-advised, amoral or misguided activities have you masterminded to get your book published?  What world have you ruined to enter this lucrative industry?


Anonymous said...

It all became clear.

New writing plan: ruin world first. Then market book.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is just going to boycott the book so that he can't make his advance and then the publishing house will lose money, deservedly, for pushing this crapola. Also, that title is what's pure diabolical genius.

Steve said...

I ruined my parents' hopes and dreams to give writing a shot!

Writer, Rejected said...

All right. Well, that's a start, Steve. Good work.