Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Do You Never Show Gratitude Upon Rejection?

In case you find yourself keeping track of your own personal rejection, perhaps it is comforting to know that some (bl)agents also keep a tally.  The categories crack me up (i.e., rejections earning advice, queries in first person, Thank-you notes in response to rejection, which creates a storm in the comments section). The upshot over at BookEnds is as follows:
Total Number of Queries: 40
Fiction: 26
Nonfiction: 14
Total Number I Rejected: 40
Um...that's 40 out of 40, no? So, why not just say, "I REJECTED THEM ALL"? Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did the math on that one too.

Jhon Baker said...

I once sent a thank you e-mail to a rejector. Only because I re-read what I had submitted and instantly felt bad for putting them through it. I don't know what I was thinking that day and easily found the rejection to be just. It was more an apology than a thank you - but those words were in there.

Anonymous said...

ooh, i love those kinds of illustrations. where is the image from?

Dennis the Vizsla said...

The math is left as an exercise for the reader.

The Rejection Queen said...


Anonymous said...

Don't Feed the Animals: Everything you wish you could say to an agent/editor/publisher, but won't for the sake of your career.
(Welcome to the Asylum is a writer's blog, that does link back to you here. Thought you'd get a kick out of my last post)