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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forced Vacation

So, my family is forcing a work-free vacation for the next two weeks; this includes blogging, they tell me. We will be on the opposite coast for a change visiting friends and family, and this will indeed be the first non-working vacation I've had in recent memory and the first real vacation in over ten years. (That's what happens when you own your own writing business to support your creative writing habit.) Maybe it's me but 14 days without any writing seems drastic and a little frightening. That said, I think I will probably sneak a blog post or two, though not as regularly as my usual no-fail daily posts, so keep an eye out over here for sporadic blogging.
     Also, it's not entirely true that I won't be writing at all.
     My spouse and I are working on a screenplay together for fun, so we will do some work on that, and the plan is to have a few morning hours for creative work every day, since we are both devoted writers. I'm developing the new book on disinheritance, which is coming along nicely; I'm mostly in the research phase. The idea is to create a wide pop-culture, literary scope on the topic, but it also includes my own memoir-ish thread on being given the boot by my father. Basically, it's an exploration, both cultural and personal. It's weird to be writing something that's actually marketable, but I believe that's what's happening here. I'll keep you posted as it evolves.
     I will also post any rejections I get for the novel and essays; I expect those to start rolling in momentarily.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break. Hope you do manage to post at least sporadically. I'll miss the daily dose but will make do!

Voracia: Goddess of Words said...

I'll miss the daily posts but I'm glad to see it's for a good cause. Have a relaxing family vacation!

Nancy Frye-Swope said...

I've left you an award on my blog, The Retired Biker Housewife. I believe your blog fits the bill perfectly for The 'Honest Scrap Award'.


Nancy Frye-Swope

Susan said...

My favorite vacations were "forced vacations." Enjoy yours!

everyday is my vacation said...

good for you with your plans! hope your vacation gives you some peace so that you can return to the grind with refreshed brain cells

Chazz said...

Yes, but what about me. We're about to be inundated with Olympic coverage and how will I find my happy place now?

While you're off, have you read any of Dean Wesley Smith's blog? He's got an irritated/irritating tone like sandpaper underwear, but he brings up some interesting ideas in ranting and railing against agents (i.e. what they 're for--negotiating--and what they're not--marketing et al.)

For enjoyment in your spare moments, if any... cheers!

The Social Worker said...

I've been rejected by the best of them. I have a book I co-authored listed on amazon. Some publishers take forever to even get back to a writer. I never get discouraged though. I just keep writing along.