Friday, December 10, 2010

Didn't Even Look At It Rejection

We do live in paranoid times, but not without reason. I had a friend whose movie idea was stolen right out from under her after "comedy writers" worked on her script, and then apparently went skipping on over to a certain famous actor obsessed with religion who allegedly beats up his girlfriend and coughed the idea right on up to him.  Leo's peeps are never going to be sued for those shenanigans with this cautious attitude, though does an agent or manager's presence really stop ideas from being stolen.  Aren't you just fascinated by the idea of idea ownership...If I could own an idea "idea ownership" is the one I'd own.


Don said...

That is very much standing operating procedure among film production people. Pretty much it's a matter of lawsuit deflection. By having agents act as gatekeepers and only interacting with trusted agents, then the lawsuits about stolen ideas would have to be directed at the agents (not so much money) rather than the studios (lots of money) and as a result the lawsuits aren't filed.

That said, Hollywood does do some weird things with idea ownership that are unique to that industry.

Anonymous said...

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