Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Batten Down The Hatches, Ya'll

So, Gawker has had a major problem, resulting in your username and password being "released on the Internet." This means, it's time to change your username and password, not just on Gawker, but everywhere else, too.  It's major identity protection time, peeps.  Get to it.


Anonymous said...

How can I possibly worry about that when Zoetrope's email went out tonight and I amd the biggest loser???????????????????????

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I like the "TRY to change your password" part.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I'm paranoid and use a diff password for everything. I stopped reading and commenting on gawker/jezebel long ago when the writers stopped being snarky and funny and became shrill and repetitive, so I doubt I've been compromised, and if I have, I couldn't care less. Io9 is still a good read though. For what it's worth my password is "altoids."