Monday, December 6, 2010

Vintage Rejection Monday

Could this be the source of the original multiple choice rejection? (I do love me a good multiple choice rejection.)  The above was originally posted on NPR; it's a rejection slip from the film company famous for producing Charlie Chaplin films. Essanay Film Manufacturing was in operation from 1907-1925. I personally like the directive in #17, as if that were the direction of modern American movies. Funny.


Anonymous said...

nas said and some one before the rapper that
'no IDEA is originally" or atlest not 100%. find a metaphoric a plot that hasn't been played

Anonymous said...

What does overstocked mean? Also what has happened to this blog; the comments don't make sense any more. Or is it just me?

The New Squidly Review said...

"Too difficult to produce," I'll take that reason.

Cari Hislop said...

It's a good thing I don't live in 1925. I'd have read number 17 and thought...well that's my idea for a script down the toilet...and it was such a good would have been funny between the kidnapping and unpleasant scenes... Thankfully, I live in the 21st movie may get made... I have a cunning plan. I'm going to write it as a novel...sell it and then wait for Hollywood to come knocking...yep...dreams are free!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I find a story devoid of scenes of an unpleasant nature to be improbable.

Buy a Star in the Sky said...

I think receiving a rejection letter is its own unpleasant scene.

And if we were to expect rejection every time an "idea has been done before," we'd all have to travel in a time machine back to Shakespeare's era if we want to avoid repeating previously told tales.

Wait a minute. All Shakespeare did was rewrite existing legends, song cycles, and historic rumor.

So I guess we'd have to set the Tardis machine REALLY far back.

Hmm. Let me cogitate on this.