Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Do We Think of This Dude?

In this interview, Stephen Markley claims George Bush wrote him a note about his book, titled Publish This Book. The premature author also says: "Some chapters are about me drinking, cussing, and fornicating, so I had to do a lot of hands-on research for those. Other chapters required more reading. For instance, when I went to write about the publishing industry, to try to understand and articulate what young writer’s face when they try to publish, I wanted to get as many perspectives as I could. In a way, that kind of research is more fun: attempting to distill a piece of the world into a thoughtful but entertaining little mid-book essay. It’s like fornicating with your mind." I don't know, dude. I mean, really, is there anything that's really like fornicating with one's mind? It sounds all a bit puerile and like a big put on, doesn't it? I mean, consider his attempt at promoting the book. Or maybe I'm just not that kind of a guy's guy/gal/person. What say the mice on this topic? Has anyone read this book?


Marianne said...

I thought it was a pretty funny book - saw it just from browsing Barnes and Noble and read it.
I'm really into memoirs - saw you're gonna write one soon too. Awesome :)

Cari Hislop said...

In the linked interview the author made it sound puerile and like a big put on to me though it could just be an act to hide his hurt feelings at having his novels rejected.

Is it now typical for unpublished authors, who haven't proved they can write a readable novel, to try to get a book deal to write a novel? That seems so weird to me. I must be hemorrhaging the remains of my youthful hubris.