Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Darn Fallopian Tubes

It was the fallopian tubes that got in the way of the New Yorker acceptance, darn it all. Click the rejection to read the handwritten note.  It says: "Thanks for sending this. I don't quite grasp the gist of the joke about the fallopian tubes, but what I do grasp is compelling.  Always feel free to try us with your work. Thanks."


Anonymous said...

Not the first thing fallopian tubes got in the way of.

BTW, did you know Glimmer Train is now charging 18 bucks for their reading fee? Thought it was 15.

Fizzles said...

A hand written note from the New Yorker? That's like a ribbon. Pin it to your chest. Or your tubes. Or somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The "larger" versions of the rejection scans you post are often so small that I can't even read them. Be kind to old people with bad eyes, please! :)

Radek said...

I feel for you! you almost made it in :)

Anonymous said...

Have you read this wr? Interesting not for the gender stuff so much but for the subs--2000 per month unsolicited and LOTS from agented writers. Ack.

Anonymous said...

I cant read the handwriting
anybody else?
I can only pray for a personal rejection from New York but lets get real,even that's never going to happen and my grammars still don't help lol I always find myself editing and rediting till it makes scene lol
my short commings rrr