Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girl's Got Chutzpah!

Got this note from a new (very funny) mouse including a video of a poem consisting of the handwritten notes on top of form rejection letters received. Hope you enjoy!
I stumbled upon your blog via HARRIET (the Poetry Foundation blog), and I love it. I wish I had known about during some of my rotten runs with rejection! It also inspired me to want to share with you this video of a poem I have called "Notes on Rejection(s)," which is a list poem consisting solely of things which have been written on top of rejection notes I've received.


Charmaine Clancy said...

Lol. Great link.

Radek said...

put me on the poetry foundation webpage LOL

LA Juice said...

Anyone who calls him/herself ann-o-nymous and who tells an author with a successful, well liked blog to hang 'em up,must be either:
1. an agent whose been inadvertently featured here one too many times;
2. a total jealous flaming deucebag;

or both.

Why would you ever take a negative comment seriously??? negative commenters- especially people like THAT are not constructive or even useful- except for promoting shock-jock like discussions.

Sure you should work on your book, and work toward publication, but if you don't do what makes you happy your writing will suffer and so will you.

Don't quit, and don't do it for us, and don't do it because of turdmunchers like THAT. Do it because it feels good.

Please. Cripes. Now I am all riled up.