Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Advice From the Discontented

The anonymous from yesterday's complaint, posted this clarification:
I wrote the post that you quote from. You chose not to include the last sentence: "Instead, examine how the publishing world works, not the forms they send out to losers (like me)." Don't misunderstand me -- I'm not complaining about the omission -- but I think it indicates that what I suggest is not a direction you want to take. But it's a meaningful one. I read the responses above and I didn't sense much substance or spirit. It's like people are saying, Yes, I like to visit here. For the last six months or so I stop by your blog infrequently, see a rejection, see that there are a few (or no) comments, don't read anything, and move on. If you aren't willing (or don't have the will) to move in a new direction, I'd say call it a day, w/r. Though I hope you don't.
Here's the advice that has been doled out from day one of my starting this blog: 1) Write your novel. (Answer: I am writing my novel; every day. I'm also earning a living as a writer in a competitive industry that pays pretty damn well. Don't tell me to write my novel; it's the only thing I do on a regular basis, save for brush my teeth.) And 2) Shut down this blog; it's stupid/annoying/boring/too contentious/haughty/dangerous. (Answer: Thanks to all the respondents for answering the survey question from yesterday because it's been helpful to me. You know what I realized? I actually like my blog. So, go start your own fucking blog if you want something different. I post literary rejections here; hence the name.) Peace out. I've had a bad day.


Anonymous said...

A-freaking-men, brother/sister! Your last paragraph rocks my damn world. I mean, hell--and this is a true story--just this morning I got a pretty obnoxious/semi-devastating rejection from a journal I thought I respected and have wanted into for ages but have now conceded isn't really worth my time, and I was feeling pretty lousy about it, but I was also working up a pretty healthy screw-you attitude and was planning to repurpose that energy into the writing, and here you come with a similar sentiment: exactly the sort of thing I value in this blog and exactly the words I needed to read! Perfect timing, w/r.

Keep writing what you want when you want. I'll always be here to read it. :)

Anonymous said...

Reject the notion of rejecting your own blog. Write on!