Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Policy to Pass on Engaging & Well-Written

So, what then is the reason for not taking it.  Just didn't feel like it?  Didn't really find it engaging and well-written? Fickle?
Dear Writer: Thank for submitting ["Name of Work"] to Abyss & Apex. I found the story engaging and well written, but unfortunately we are going to pass. Best of luck in placing your story elsewhere.We really do appreciate you letting us see your work. Kind regards, Oliver Waite, Assistant Editor


Anonymous said...

1. No MFA
2. Not editor's friend and therefore in no position to reciprocate
3. Not already a Big Name that will give Status and Credibility to our journal because we don't trust ourselves to discern it.
4. We determined 1-3 on via your cover letter and just said that other shit to trick you into thinking we read it so that if we host a contest with 20 dollar entry fee you'll still enter without feeling totally fu&^ed. Then we'll either use your money to pay someone who does meet criterion 1-3, or, you know, to buy booze.

Anonymous said...

the editor forgot his 'thanks and the funny thing i was rejected from abbys aswell once for making little erors

Anonymous said...

OK ? well written but why not take it ,explain that?