Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spell Check Sting

Ouch. But you've got to admit that the editor is a kind fellow and handled this situation well. The mouse who sent this rejection in wrote: "I honestly did run spell check, but the big bull couldn't take a few small errors":
Dear Mr. [Poet's Last Name]: Thank you for your submission, [“Name of Poem”], I regret that we cannot use your poem. I highly recommend that you look at issue 8 and 9, and soon, issue 10, to get a better idea of what we looking for. The competition is fierce, so you might want to pay extra careful attention to spelling and punctuation errors. I make them all the time myself, but I am thankful for “spell check” in my word processor to catch most of them. It might benefit you, too. Good luck in placing your poem. Best regards, John C. Mannone, Silver Blade Poetry Editor


Matt Nord said...

Ouch! Spell-check is a life-saver, but even then you have to re-read and if possible have someone else read it, too. Another set of eyes alway helps.

Anonymous said...

Well I've mistakenly sent the wrong piece lol Yes he was alright with this rejection ,but still a ache! lol

Radek said...

Dont know you the rejections are getting nastyer , although this onces ok

in your class at wcc said...

ozog. please. learn 2 spell. peace bro.


"in your class at wcc said..."

LOL well I haven't taken in competitions 1 yet.

but i do have more respect for people who tell me I cant spell in person :)
you have to have big balls like bishop in juice.lol

Anonymous said...

And that's Mr ozog to you
remember I still get thing published :)
Well thank for puting me on the spot but i, simply just sent in the wrong file with mistakes,foco!

Anonymous said...

dont follow unless it's twiitter :)