Monday, August 22, 2011

Revise for Us!

I regret that these structural flaws prevent us from making an offer on [Title]. However, if you are willing to revise the manuscript, we would be interested in taking another look at it.
It's always tricky to know when to revise for someone. These people don't even tell you what they want, so that's either good or bad.  Not sure which is better.  The question is always whether or not to go down this path.  It's hard to remain confident after getting a note like this, but I always send it out to many places before taking it back and thinking long and hard about what to do next.  Sometimes, a revision is called for.  Other times you stick to your guns.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct. You stick to your guns when you pick the piece up periodically and it not only does not embarrass you but holds its own and rings true.

All the best to you W,R. I hope your book finds a good home publisher.

caps man said...

so this is your rewrite request, WR?

Writer, Rejected said...

No. Mine is a three-paged, single-spaced letter with bullets and diagrams. Well, not diagrams, but it was rather involved! Also, pretty smart.

caps man said...

from the agency/agent, or from the publishers where they pitched your novel?

Writer, Rejected said...

I'm still just on the agent part. She hasn't read the final revision yet (I guess, since I haven't heard and it is full-on August anyway), so she hasn't decided if she thinks it's done enough to send out. I suspect that after a year of working together, if she's not happy with it, she'll pass on sending it out. I am pretty happy with it either way. So that's good. She had smart insights that helped me nail the story.