Thursday, August 21, 2014

Who Doesn't Love A Guy Who Says His Life Was Changed By A Box of Donuts?

Check out this cool TEDx Talk from Austin called "Surprising Lessons from 100 Days of Rejection: Jia Jiang." It's especially great to watch if you've ever gone after a dream and been crushed by a rejection letter, and I know you have been.  He talks about a game called Rejection Therapy, in which he went around and intentionally got 100 rejections by asking for crazy things.  Most people said no when he asked for something ridiculous, but some people said yes and some people on this planet, you have to admit, mice, are pretty damn cool. He reminds us today that the higher you go, the closer you get to your dreams, the more you will get rejected. You can read more about his experience on his blog, his facebook page, his twitter account.  Also, I think I ❤ this guy.

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