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Monday, August 11, 2014

Blurb Ettiquette: Amazing response from a cold-call email to a famous, favorite writer

Got a new blurb on Sunday from someone I do not even know, whose intelligent read brought a tear to my eye. This was an extremely nice woman who responded to my cold email request.  This alone makes me have faith that all is not lost in this publishing world: kindness among writers exists! While thinking about blurbs this weekend, I came across this fun post over at Ward Six, when it was still up and running (closed in 2011).  Here are some of my favorite interpretations:
"luminous prose" = too many goddam words
"a tour-de-force" = threw it across the room
"a triumph" = huge advance
"a commanding new voice in fiction" = girlfriend's brother wrote it
"sublime" = didn't know what the hell was going on
"achingly beautiful" = really long sentence 
"radiant" = already been blurbed by people more famous than me
 Luckily the blurb I got was very original.

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