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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not In My House

Ye old Tin House rejection.  If you're not somebody, you're not going to get in that domicile.


Anonymous said...

REpeat after me, "I am" I am
Tin house isn't shit but shit on paper :)
I wipe my ass with it
I rather send to poetry magazine

Anonymous said...

If you want to get Tin House's attention, set up one of these hipster traps:

Anonymous said...

The good news is I got accepted at w5ran (that makes 10 poem published to date) and they posted on the 18 the bad news IS that they failed to send me a acceptance letter so I didn't discover my published poem intill yesterday but it's cool! I love that site!

And if tin house would except me I'll love them too lolol

please tin house or anybody less email me so you can also publish my "great" poetry lol. goodozog@gamil

And thank you for letting me post all my comments "lit. rejection"