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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary LROD

Two days ago was my 1,500th post and tomorrow is the 5-year anniversary of this blog. Perhaps it's a good time to take a moment and review.
  • For those of you who don't know, I started this blog by posting a backlog of my very own rejections and went for a good long time until I ran out.
  • Then I posted some rejections that came along in real-time.
  • Then you all started sending me your rejections which has been interesting.
  • Then we started a bunch of conversations about the state of publishing which has declined greatly these past 5 years.
  • During this time I have published a bunch of things, but not another book, which is disappointing. I have also revised my novel many times and had a few agents interested who ultimately walked away.
  • My family has gone crazy over my public writing about being disinherited and about them in essence.
  • A bunch of publishers got excited about the disinheritance book proposal, but ultimately walked away.
  • A small press is potentially interested in a book of my published essays, but they have not gotten back to me with an answer, and plus my family will FREAK out if it gets published, so there's that.
  • I finally put my family way on the outside of my life.  In fact, they can go for a flying fuck if they would like to; I'm done.
  • Just last month I took my "third-person omniscient" point of view and turned it into first-person weird" point of view which has revolutionized the novel, now so many years in the making it's embarrassing to give it a number in public.  (Related to the above bullet? probably) 
  • Will the novel get published now?  I don't know.  Secret Agent Man is giving it a read (new to him), as are a few other trusted readers.  So cross your fingers for me, peeps.
Oh, and happy anniversary to you too. You mice make this blog worth writing and reading.


mercury rising said...

Congrats, Dude.
Been loving your fresh blog for a long time.

CAPSMAN! said...


Radek said...

I like it, its funny specially for writer retards as myself ;) lol

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's why your fams shouldn't freak at the prospect of you publishing a book of essays about them: Most books are published to little or no notice.

A book of literary essays is probably just not going to come to their friends' attention. So unless they start pointing the book out to all their friends & co-workers, they'll be able to continue leading their annonymously-awful lives. Right? So why should they give a hoot about your success?