Monday, July 30, 2012

Public Space, Private Rejection

Dear Writer McWriterson: Thank you for your patience while we read your submission. We appreciated the chance to consider "Title of Work," but unfortunately we must pass. Best of luck placing this work elsewhere. To learn more about goings-on at A Public Space, please visit your local bookstore to find our latest issue, visit us online at or join us on Twitter @apublicspace. With very best wishes, A Public Space


Anonymous said...

This made me feel so much better! They have a tiered rejection system. Here is the next tier "up" (maybe).

Thank you for your patience. We had a chance to read "X" this month, and while we are returning this piece, we would be interested in reading more of your work and encourage you to submit again when you have new work.

Our submission system reopens on September 15. In the meantime, please join us on Twitter or visit our website ( to keep in touch.

Thank you again for thinking of APS for "X."

With very best wishes,
A Public Space

raich said...

At some point I found bragging about receiving upper tier form rejections to be rather silly. It's a rejection. Unless you are dealing with an editor who remembers all your past submissions there's no cumulative effect working in your favor. And APS receives so many submissions that I doubt the editors can keep very good mental records of whom they send "good" rejections to. The next time you submit to APS you could just as easily receive the lower tier form rejection. The one thing they will remember is if they've published a submitter before.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry for what seemed like a "brag" - but on the other hand, one thing I love about this blog is hearing the stories of "accepted after ten million rejections' kind of thing.

Here's wishing some acceptances your way...

Anonymous said...

I find the hyper-encouraging or "upper tier" rejections to be maddening. If my story is so good that you actually want me to send more stuff, why don't you publish it??? Bah.