Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let's Compare Lists, Shall We?

Many writers have posted that they have an equally long and disturbing list of rejecting agents. So, what say we have a little show and tell? At the very least, maybe as an outshoot of this exercise, we could share rejection stories about each agent, which is probably an agent's worst nightmare. (Though we'll take a vow to discuss each agent in the same gentle and loving way he or she treated us.) But for now let's stick to the lists.

So here it is: An official call for your own personal tortured record of rejecting agents. Annotations are allowed. The longest list (and most amusing or original) will be posted here. You can send to "writerrejected at aol dot com" or you can post your list as a comment.


Anon-y-rat said...

My list goes like this:
1)Charlotte Sheedy: bitch-y
2)Leigh Feldman: Polite but cold
3)Elyse Cheney: Didn't deign to reply
4)Emma Sweeney: Didn't return my shit
5)Joy Harris: Out of her mind (?)
6)Jane Dystel: Whacky
7) Sarah Chalfant: British (cap B)
8) Christopher Schelling: Nice
9) Jill Grinberg: Nice
10) Jennifer Rudolph Walsh: Too busy for me

Anonymous said...

Jenny Bent, annoying
Virginia Barber, now retired
David Black, neutral
Sandra Dykstra, neutral
John Hawkins, still alive?
Mary Evans, watch out for crazy
Daniel Lazar, good guy
Carol Mann, still alive?
Cris Robins, on worst agent lists
Betsy Thorpe, neutral

And this is just what I can remember off the top of my head...

mercury rising said...

Diane Cleaver. Dead. (The Ultimate Rejection. Before she sold my foreign rights.)

Anonymous said...

I brought it up, and I'm taking my time because I know I have the longest list ever. It's just a giant heartbreak, especially if you read all the comments. I'm thinking about sending you the whole entire package. I don't want to break any rules here but the world ought to see what these people have been telling me. Give me a little time to think about this.

Writer, Rejected said...

Great! We want to see the whole damn soul-crushing thing. We will wait patiently. We are writers; waiting for heart break is what we do.

Demian Farnworth said...

I can't wait. I find heartbreak profoundly arousing.