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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Funeral for the Story

Larry Dark is over at Critical Mass, the Blog of the National Book Critics Board of Directors (snooze), pretending that the short story isn't dead in a pontificating post. He should come have a look over here if wants to know whether or not the short story is alive and well. I'd say not. Well, book critics, what do you expect?


x said...

I'm smart. I'm literate. I have a prestigious advanced degree. But when I try to read things like that speech, all the letters stay squiggles and refuse to turn into meaningful symbols and I get up and go to the refrigerator.

Writer, Rejected said...


Anonymous said...

The short story is actually in a coma, perhaps a vegetative state, but I expect it to come to life again at any time. It was deadish in the 70's, too, and along came Carver!

Larry Dark is a schlump with no standards. I don't remember why I think that, but I'm sure I have good reason.