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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amazon Launches E-Book

In case you thought books were dying and soon there'd be no more rejections for you, Amazon is announcing a long, healthy, lively future for books (ie, the e-book) I know, snooze. But Newsweek has the scoop, which is worth reading if you can stomach Jeff Bezos, the Amazon guy taking credit for re-inventing the wheel. Perhaps this is truly what's going to happen next in publishing. Who knows? I just see it as a continuation of the rejection.

Nothing new there. And so it goes.


Anonymous said...

They're trying to make their e-book seem cozy but it's just one more electronic device that you'll have to carry around. I'm down on e-devices ever since my Blackberry fell in the toilet.

p.s. Creepy graphic.

x said...

I guess trees (if there are any left) will cheer.