Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hollywood Writes Some Books

You knew it had to happen. All those poor out of work Hollywood writers with nothing to do. Why wouldn't they start thinking, F-it! I'll just write a book? Marc Weingarten penned a piece about this predictable phenomenon in The L.A. Times entiteld Hollywood Writers Turn to Plan B: The Novel, interviewing such fancy agents as William Morris's Jennifer Rudolph Walsh and Paradigm's Lydia Wills. My favorite quote is from screenwriter Mark Haskell Smith, who says: "I had an idea for a movie. I thought rather than hear an executive tell me that the writing was good but the story was too dark, I would just write a book instead. I didn't want another rejected script." The thing that's really depressing is that he probably will breeze right in and get himself a book contract.


Anonymous said...

mark haskell smith. i will never read anything he writes. why should i? after he said that ("Kids don't want to read the classics, and why should they? They want to read books that are relevant to their experience. Just like they'd rather listen to Interpol than, say, Handel. It doesn't indicate a decline in intelligence, but it might be evidence of a rejection of Old Fogeyism and snobbery"), well i realized he was one of the Club. Part Of The Problem. or in his words: not relevant to my experience.

L. Shepherd said...

I think I need a drink after reading that.