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Friday, February 1, 2008

Not So Much The Writing

An anonymous newbie-writer sent in this anonymous rejection, saying, "The agent loved the premise of my novel--not so much the writing." Looks like there were a few other problems as well. Here's what the rejection says: "Dear Writer: Thank you for allowing me to read the synopsis and first few pages of [title of novel]. Although I really love the premise of this book, I'm afraid the writing isn't strong enough. It needs tightening, and you need to get into the heart of your story sooner. Also, you have a tendency toward misplaced modifiers, some of which were quite amusing but not the way you want to convey humor in your manuscript. In addition, a synopsis must contain the story's resolution. You can't leave the editor or agent hanging. A synopsis is not a tease to get someone to buy a book. It's a summary of the plot and the main characters' goals, motivations, and conflicts and how they're resolved."

Well, we all have to start somewhere.

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