Friday, September 12, 2008

Rejection Goes on Retreat


You can't believe how great it is to get away for a week.  No phone, no Crackberry, no Internet (not much anyway), no clients, no obligations, no scary nightmares about an insane polar-bear hating, inexperienced, conservative neanderthal  Veep candidate, who is just "pretty" enough for America to vote into office...none of that....just THE NOVEL.  

Here's what's been happening:  I get up at 6:30 and eat breakfast. I write from 7:30 to noon.  Then eat lunch.  From 1 to 4, I write. Then go for a run, shower, dinner.  And from 7 to 9:30, I write some more.  Then read until bed.

What has prompted this insanity?  I try to do it every once in a while, go somewhere cheap and quiet.  Retreat centers are good if you can find one you like.  But the woods are the best.  Also, (shhh, it's a secret), someone (an editor in fact, no agent in sight these days) has expressed interest in perhaps publishing the novel, depending on how good my radical revision is.  And guess what, folks, it's going to be very good.

Okay, I'll be back on Monday, Sept. 15th, as my personal secretary noted, with thoughts on More Than It Hurts You by Darin Strauss for our book club meeting.

Peace out.


E. said...

Yowza! Good for you, W,R. Keep cookin' (I'm droppin' my g's in an effort to sound like an authentic, regular American power-mom, not some elite Washin'ton insider with a len'thy resume and penetratin' knowledge of the Bush doctrine. Doctrin'? Doctring?) It must be nice to have been thrown clear of the wreckage the last week; I'm gropin' my way through this sudden parallel universe, and feelin' off kilter. Off my game. Game. Kilter. Hmm. Maybe I should take the Cessna for a spin and kill me some wolfs. Huntin's fun!

Hope your re-entry goes smoothly.

nova said...

Wow, good luck with the radical revision. (I now want to start calling all my revisions "radical." It sounds exciting.)

I really want to know where this cheap and quiet retreat is... I NEED one.

Renee Thompson: said...

e (commenter above): technically, you should take the piper for a spin. i heard on gma they named one of the kids piper because dad so loved the plane. sigh.

few days later i decided to boycott the news for 7 days in an attempt to regain my sanity. can't believe how difficult it is to avoid it, between tv, morning paper, and Net. so, yes, a week in the woods in definitely what the doc ordered.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!

E. said...

Renee, gah! How did I miss that? Piper after the plane? Ow, my head. Piper Palin. Paling?

It's taken me a week to write 397 words. Which would be cool if I were working on a poem or a short piece. But I'm working on a novel.

Piper Palin parried a peck of putrid pages.

Yes, a week in the woods is just the thing, long as it's not author season.

Thomma Lyn said...

Great news, W,R! And the woods -- I don't know what I'd do without them. They help keep me sane. :)