Monday, April 26, 2010

Here's What's True

You could be an Emmy award winning writer who has worked on MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER, and THE SIMPSONS and you could still not get an agent.  Ken Levine, dudes.  Granted he was writing plays, but still....Ken Levine.  Guess you and I don't probably stand a chance.  But you and I probably already knew that, didn't we? That's okay; for us it's all about the art anyway.


Native Ink said...

Never heard of Ken Levine before, but his resume is mind-boggling. The scariest part of his story was when he opines to a rejector (i.e. agent) that the New York theatrical scene seems a little elitist. The agent shrugs and says, "Yes, that's right." Where can you go after you call them on their unfairness and they just shrug?

Anonymous said...

the new york theatre scene isn't the end-all-be-all of theatre scenes. just saying...the guy has LA cred, why not just get it produced in LA?